Some Helpful Information

We offer some services aimed at helping the budding mechanic. Our Tech Tips page has plenty of technical information to help you tweak your engine to maximum performance, as well as gain a better understanding of some of the processes we use ourselves. Our Parts page gives you a list of our recomended online stores for various parts. We hope this helps you build the engine of your dreams!

From Birgitta / från Birgitta

Our customers count on every part or item they purchase from AutoShopRacingEngines. From every day items to the tiniest engine part, we handle and package each item by hand, with great care and attention. A family owned and operated business from day 1 we treat our customers like family. Every purchase is handled with care and attention to detail, from packaging to the most efficient shipping methods. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and after 29 years in business word of mouth is our best advertisement.